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Our Google Ad Campaigns and why you will dominate the competition

We have spent over 8 years working with hypnotherapists developing a highly optimized Google Ads campaign that will increase the quality of your leads by 50% to 100%. We have spent 100’s hours developing our ad campaigns and strategies that have increased the number of prospects to our clients significantly.

If you are not using Google ads or if you are with bad results there are probably two reasons:

1) you tried with miserable results and a bad ROI or you were burned by a marketing agency/person that did not know your industry or worked with Google directly, never a good idea.

2) You thought it was too expensive or hard and didn’t trust anyone to deliver results. We get it but we have lots of satisfied clients.

This system will be optimized and maintained to produce you a positive cash flow for your demographic market and the specialty area you work in.

There are no contracts and we only work with one hypnosis client per local area (we have statewide and national plans available).

Right now we offer special pricing only $295/mo per local area, to get you the best Google ads system on the market to help you grow your business. Can you use more clients?

One Month Stats with our Optimized Google ads for a client. He is loving us.*

Google Stats

Google Certified ~ Facebook Certified ~ Bing Certified

Google Ads certified

Clearly, with our optimized Google Ad campaigns, you will dominate the competition, increase the quality and amount of leads and clients you will get.

We constantly monitor the ad campaigns to take advantage of trends and Google changes that will affect conversions.

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*result vary per demographic area and there are no guarantees implied.