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Hypnosis Internet Specialist

We deliver results that will bring you new clients
and increase your market share in your local area
We Offer A Proven SEO Strategy & Paid Ad Marketing Campaigns
to increase the revenue for hypnotists and hypnotherapy clinics.

What is HypnosisTIP

This is our Targeted Internet Prospecting approach that we have developed to get you maximum results. Using our multifaceted system to internet marketing we are able to produce results that have been tailored specifically to the hypnosis niche. Our ROI is as high as 5 to 1. Simply put you will see an increase in your business. Start today!

Analyze And Research

First, I'll need to learn more about your company, your goals and target customers. Next I'll reverse engineer your competitors to see exactly what they are doing. And finally, I will create or overhaul your existing campaign, fully optimized and ready to run.

Increase Sales, Leads, Conversions

Your business will be instantly seen by customers at the same time they're searching Google for what your company offers or in their Facebook feed. With highly targeted keywords, great ad copy and *optional) professional landing page you'll see better results and more conversions.

Grow Your Business

New leads and steady traffic is the lifeblood of any business. A fully optimized campaign will get more leads while paying less in costs per click. As your SEM / SMMspecialist we'll do the heavy lifting so you can do what you do best, run your business.

Website Design for Hypnosis

We have designed 100's websites for over the years and worked for hypnotist and hypnotherapist. Our websites are SEO optimized maximizing the greatest potential to being ranked on the first page. We have Turn-Key solutions and stand alone options. Click the button on the right.

Our Customers Say It Best!

Robert Dean Solutions Hypnosis

I have worked with Doug Ison now for some 18 months and I have found his work to be consistently high level, professional and effective. Doug has a comprehensive understanding of the many complex variables in his field and a strong talent for utilizing and optimizing all the tools at hand. My business has increased significantly since I began working with Doug. He is a pleasure to work with. I can unreservedly recommend his services.
Robert Allen Dean
CH, NLP, life Coach

Jeff Martin Certified Hypnotist, NLP, Mentor

Hi, my name is Jeff Martin, I am the owner of Omaha hypnosis Center and Lincoln hypnosis Center. Doug Ison has been my web man now for over seven years Doug is skilled, he is one of the best webmasters I've met. He is down to Earth can talk one-on-one at any level. If you need someone to build your website, put you in the top of the list, get the best ratings possible. I recommend him.His services are unsurpassed.He cares about his clients and he gets results. Call Doug today he'll give you an honest assessment and a fair price. Jeff Martin certified hypnotist, trainer, mentor, stage hypnotist and owner of Lincoln Institute of hypnosis.

Positive ROI

Doug, the landing Page (funnel) brought me 110% ROI in August. So , we're on the right track :)


I will leave it this crazy unobtainable (except by you, who I trust!) password

Why Dream Ordinary?

Vicky Thomas
Rev It Up! Hypnosis Centers

We Offer Marketing to Grow Your Hypnosis Business

Paid Ads Google and Bing

We have developed highly optimized AdWords campaigns strictly for Hypnotherapists that you will find no one else can do. If you have an existing campaign we will increase your ROI and dramatically improve your ads performance. You will get more appointments, that's the kind of business we generate for our clients. Would like you to be a part.


On all of our ad campaigns, both Adwords and Facebook we provide "Remarketing" so that those how visit your website or click on one of our ads will be followed around the internet and constantly be reminded about your business and their need of your services. You see this all the time when shopping for a product or service. Now you can join those savvy business and get yourself branded and get more engagement. Get started today and next week start to see your business grow.

Facebook Marketing

If you are not advertising on Facebook you a missing out on a lot of business. Using our video marketing with Facebook is a conversion monster. We are able to drive more traffic to you and get conversions that will make this year one of the best ever. There are not contracts because we are certain that once you give us a try you will be a life long customer.
Optional Video Commercials

We Offer Video Marketing (Optional)

We can create a video on a hypnosis niches every month to add your YouTube video channel. An informational video can be added to help you attract more new clients and build your brand.

Hypnosis Videos

Yea Doug, this is the really good one. Extremely informational with good pics and content. Thank you,
Renukha Arjoon, CCHt., CIHt. Healthy Living Hypnosis

Customize Your Personal Videos

You can have us edit your existing video clips: If you have a video that you want to be edited and branded for your business we can do that instead.

Why Use Our Services

1) Having you Facebook ads appear before 1000s in your local market place with grow your business like no other medium.

2) Getting on the top of the Google search results immediately. No long SEO waiting and perhaps never. Immediate results!

3) Now add video marketing, this will also generate more business for you. YouTube is the internet's 2nd largest search engine. Getting your videos to your YouTube channel to be viewed in your local area and nationally.

4) Referrals from business is probably the best marketing. So why do I mention this? Let say that we bring you 1 extra client a week then that client brings you in 1 referral, then again compounded that out and that is a lot of business from just that one paid ad client and the rest have zero ad cost. Is this starting to make sense on how cheap and effective this marketing really is.

5) Branding: You and your business will be branded. Your brand will begin to be recognized and seen all over the internet. That is gold for any business. Getting your brand across the web.

6) Each client has an Exclusive area.

Call us and schedule a consultation today.727--250-9634
Excellent Ad Placement
Great ROI and Branding
Stop Smoking Example
Huge Real Estate Ad Space
Video SEO Marketing Works
Allow Us 30 Minutes...

Give us just a few minutes of your time to show you how we can take your hypnosis business to the next level.

We will go over your business and discuss costs, what you can expect in new leads every week, and what your top competitor's are doing. After our consultation you'll have a better understanding of your local market and whether pay-per-click advertising is right for your practice.

Complete Analysis
Assesment And Goal Setting
Create New Campaign
Keyword Research
Geo Targeting

What's Included

Building Your Campaign
Dedicated Responsive Website
Reverse Engineer Competitors
Overhaul Existing Campaign
Text Ad Creation
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